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Cheap! JET 710115K JWBS-14DX Deluxe 14-Inch 1-1/4 HP Woodworking Bandsaw with Micro Adjustable Blade

JET 710115K JWBS-14DX Deluxe 14-Inch 1-1/4 HP Woodworking Bandsaw with Micro Adjustable Blade Guides, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

Product Description
** Please Allow 10 - 14 Days For Delivery.Or - Pay An Extra $25 To Ship Direct From Factory. Stock Number: 710115K JWBS-14DX, 14" Bandsaw 2 PCS This upgraded bandsaw sports many convenient features not offered on similiar units. The quick tension handle allows you to change a blade much quicker and put the bandsaw right back at the same tension as it was. DETAILS 6" depth resaw capacityf or cutting larger pieces of wood15" x 15" offset cast iron table gives you more work area in front of the bladeCast iron frame construction for strength and rigidity, reduced vibration4" dust port allows for direct connection of dust collection systemPrecision computer balanced wheels eliminate vibration for accurate blade trackingMicro-adjustable lower blade guide reduces friction for longer blade lifeGraphite impregnated polymer blade guides with roller bearing thrust guides provide quicker set-up and a cooler running bladeNine-spoke band wheels computer balanced to spin true without vibration3/8", 6 TPI woodworking blade is included so you can start cutting right awaySingle knob tracking adjustment simplifies the blade tracking process Part Number    710115K     Cutting Capacity Width    13½ "   Cutting Capacity Height    6 "   Minimum Saw Blade Width    1/8 "  

  • 14-Inch woodworking band saw with closed stand and 15 by 15-Inch table
  • 1-1/4-horsepower motor; micro-adjustable blade guides; quick-change tension release; 4-Inch dust port
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron and steel construction
  • Includes band saw, closed stand and 3/8-Inch blade
  • 68 by 26 by 19-Inch; 120-Pound; 2-year limited warranty

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Very simple, easy to understand, easy to use machine
I just got this a few weeks ago. The critical parts are made of cast iron, so very solid. I am new to woodworking and was not very aware of how these things tick. This saw is so simple and reliable, however, it teaches you itself. Very easy to make the blade track properly on the wheels and to adjust the guides. There really, really is not much to do, other than get it set up and saw. Granted, its belt wheels need a allen wrench (not included...) to set it up, but setup is pretty fast. I've used it on two projects already. Of course, it threw the belt when my wife tried to use it, but I think she was forcing the wood through. Don't do that. It worked fine for me afterward. Takes very nice curves, very clean cuts, and is eerily quiet...just a hum, really. Great, great tool.

Should have bought it sooner
I have had a Delta for many years but when Delta quit supporting the saw with repair parts I bought the Jet. Set up was super easy but you better have help lifting the saw onto the stand -it is heavy. A few minor adjustments for tensioning the balde and adjusting the guides and it was ready to make saw dust.

The only problem was a broken catch on the top door and a dent in that door caused by the broken catch. A call to Jet had both parts delivered by UPS in 2 days. This saw is very quiet and very accurate, dust collection is good if you use a quality collector - mine is a 1HP from Penn State. Attempted to use my shop vac -5HP- but it didn't perform well. Good quality blades are a must; I use Olsen All Pro, using a less expensive blade will cause you to replace them more often. If you need a saw this is the one to get.

Quality, performance are as expected
I've had this saw in service for about three months - home woodworking shop @ 4 or 5 evenings a week. Here's what I've determined: It vibrates with a 3/4 blade on it. But, I'm still tuning for that blade and am not ready to blame it on the saw. With a 1/4 blade it ran smoothly. It is a breeze to tune unless you put on the wide blade, and is pretty accurate right out of the box. On the other hand, with a 3/4 blade 3tpi, it will resaw and cut the hardest wood like it is butter. Lot of torque and power.

It does not have a tire brush, so it gets dirty undr the blade which leads to imbalance and vibration. You will need to install a homemade brush for a buck or two. This saw puts a ton of dust into the air if you don't put a dust control hose on it. It still puts a lot of sawdust out on the table and floor, even with a 650 cfm vacuum on it, exclusively. The saw i replaced had a different type of dust port and seemed to handle the sawdust better. Replacing blade is simple and quick, the doors stay open while you work on the blade instead of swinging shut on you like some other bandsaws. Accurate tilt on the table. Table locks down solid and true. It's quiet.

Ths only thing I don't like is the placement of the table tilt control knob. It's under the table, one on each side of the table. It is right in the way of the lower guides. In other words, you have to take the knob off to tune or vacuum the lower blade guide assembly.

I recommend the saw. It will do what it's advertised to do and then some. It's worth the bucks. Amazon delivery was fantastic and on time.

Update. I found that the Jet Premium blades that I was running dulled quickly and caused the problems with the 3/4 blade vibration. Likewise the 1/4 blade went south in a hurry. I replaced with a 1/2 10 tpi Timber Wolf blade. Smooth as silk. Don't scrimp on the blades.

Jet JWBS-14DX Band Saw
Great band saw. A lot of power comes out of the 1-1/4 HP motor. I needed help attaching the upper portion of the saw - HEAVY. A very solid piece of equipment. No vibration.

JET 7110115K JWBS-14DX Bandsaw
Received on time in perfect condition with all parts. Some difficulty with alignment of drive pulley/motor adjustment. Some cussing was required. Blade supplied was of low quality as expected. I recommend not ever installing the blade provided to avoid temporarily having a bad impression of the saw. Micro adjustable guides work well and fence is a plus. Fence back-side adjustment is a little hairy to get just right, but worth the time to allow smooth side-to-side movement of the fence. Saw runs smooth and performs as advertised. Blade tension release is very nice and helps with blade change time. Blade tension gauge is useful and readable. Hinged doors are great. Set-up instructions are well written.

More Info: Cheap! JET 710115K JWBS-14DX Deluxe 14-Inch 1-1/4 HP Woodworking Bandsaw with Micro Adjustable Blade


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